"Malaysian Tamil movie ah, will be boring lah", "Malaysian Tamil movie got better Kollywood movie to watch", "Malaysian Tamil movie ah, last option if I have nothing to watch". If you are a Malaysian Indian, let's be honest with ourselves, we have at least an answer like this whenever a friend suggests us to watch a Malaysian Tamil movie. Frankly speaking, even for me, I only watch Malaysia Tamil movies that are getting positive reviews from the audience or if their movie trailer is interesting.

Coming back to the question does Malaysia Tamil Movies sucks? that I would deny. Like every industry, there are good products and bad ones. Even take Kollywood for example, we have seen great memorable movies and bad ones which we criticize a lot. Malaysia Tamil movies also have great movies. Jagat, Appalam, Maravan are some of the great story-telling movies that I have seen. The reason I am writing this article is not to glorify or condemn the current Malaysia Tamil Movies but to address some of the short films done by our local talents that have impressed me. Watching their short films gave me hope that we can see more great Malaysia Tamil Movies in the coming future where we can proudly compare it with other film industries. These are all purely based on my opinion, feel free to comment if you disagree with me and if you agree please share this article with your friends and family.


Avigari by Martin Raj

Have been a fan of Martin Raj's Nexus and Maya Roobanggal, the way he crafts his story gives me the vibe of watching a Nolan movie. The complexity of the screenplay gives you the urge to watch his short film again and again. When they announced about Avigari and release a trailer back in 2015, my friends and I were so excited. I remember watching the trailer again and again because I was shocked about the high production quality that it had. When the short film was released in 2016, I had to admit Martin Raj had set yet another benchmark. It had been 4 years and I am still wondering why Martin Raj hasn't yet made a feature film.

As I was writing this Martin Raj just announce his next venture which is a rom-com feature film called Hero Friend-U. Seeing this, my friends and I joked about, ever Martin has to do a rom-com feature film as an entry into Malaysia Tamil Cinema. Knowing Martin style of film making, I am convinced that we might get a new/next-gen kind of romcom movie. Now that we have something to expect, I can't wait to see at least a trailer of this movie soon (fanboy vibes).

The Nightmare

The Nightmare by V.G.Ravyn Manogaran

Frankly speaking, I wasn't having much expectation about this short film. I know V.G Ravyn and his brother Logen as a good cinematographer and I am very sure that their short film will be a good visual treat. This short film not only gives you a visual treat but also stood out because of its sound design and it's VFX works. There were moments where my heartbeat races just by the intensity of the sound itself. You can give it a try, just listen to the whole background music and sound design without watching the visual. You will have goosebumps moments. ‌

The VFX part amazed me because that is the kind of VFX that you will always see in a high production film and yet these people were able to pull this with a small team. I think after Avigari the only short film that amazed me so much on the VFX part was The Nightmare. There is a lot more to talk about this short film from how natural and convincing the actress's acting was until how the short film makes you feel at the end. I think I might be writing a full depth version of how this short film has made me feel and my thoughts about it in a different article.

Yaaridamum Thondravillai Ithupol

Yaaridamum Thondravillai Ithupol by Sivanesan Ramdass

This short film just makes me speechless when I watch it for the first time in 2017. It felt so nice from start to finish and there were so many things to take note in those 6 minutes. Starting with the Maestro Illa Raja's Oh Butterfly song to set the tone of the environment, the characterization of Mitra and Arun, the color grading and VFX of the whole scene making it look like it was taken from a coffee shop in London, and to top all this, the story that "Men will always be men" feels like a perfect packaging for such a short film.

I have always been amazed by Sivanesan Ramdass's screenplay and video presentation but after watching this short film, I understand how serious he was in film making. For me, this short film was an upgrade to his skills in delivering good visuals. Looking at his growth from Offline till his current release of Please Thalli Pogathey, I have to admit he has devoted himself fully to film making and I hope to see more great content from him. He currently has a movie on the making with 4 other directors called AIVAR and let's wait to see it on the big screen. Personally, I am eagerly waiting to watch a full-fledged feature movie by Sivanesan Ramdass in the coming future.

Paarvai (The Look)

Paarvai by S.Mathan

This short film was a slap for me. It changes my perspective on viewing rape cases. The visual was good but most importantly was the story. From the start, it shows how we as a society react towards rape victims and the whole dialog during the climax just makes you think what have we been doing all this while. I remember sitting stunt after watching this short film and thinking the short film delivers its message perfectly.

Mathan's strength is in his storytelling, he doesn't give you a complex screenplay or multi-level depth scene, just a simple yet impactful story. Looking at his other short films, Vaaipu (The Chance) and Love in 12 hours, gives you a glimpse of his stories and the importance of every character in the film. He currently has two feature films which are Tamani and Gajen and I am looking forward to see what he and his team have to deliver to the Malaysian audience.

Ayirathil Oruvan

Ayirathil Oruvan by Ravi Kumar

This short film deserves to be on this list for their effort in producing such a short film. I genuinely enjoy watching this short film because of its concept and mass background music. I remember waiting for nearly 3 years since the announcement and finally getting to see it, I wouldn't say I am disappointed but maybe my expectation was too high for this short film. Ravi Kumar did deliver something out of the usual and I have to say it was a good story and screenplay but there were rooms for improvement. I wouldn't be surprised if this concept is rewritten and released as a feature film because of the potential this short film had. ‌

Ravi Kumar's short film like Yennai Teriyuma and Superhero had made me smile about the concept. It was like he let his imagination goes wild and try to create a craft out of it. He adds varieties of the type of short films we can watch. I am looking forward to his next venture because his stories have a certain type of uniqueness.

Hightech Kootthaadi

Hightech Kootthaadi by Soma Kanthan

I have to give credit for this short film for being bold towards the Malaysia Tamil Film Industry. There are some stuff/issues that we as audience are not able to see in the industry and this short film was able to address some of them. Mainly as an audience, we want to see good film flooding the Malaysia Tamil Industry. Like one of the powerful dialogs in this short film, "no matter how big 0r good McD Nasi Lemak is we will still prefer the Nasi Lemak sold by an aunt on the roadside".

My hope towards our Malaysian Tamil Film Industry

It is 2020 right now and I felt that we have a lot to contribute before we can see a film industry as active as Kollywood. My hope is not another version of Kollywood, I want Malaysian Tamil Film has its unique style and storytelling. I am sure the director and their team are not the main reason why we don't see many good films in the industry. Even if we have a good Malaysian Tamil film running in theaters right now, we would not see much support from the audience side. One reason why could be because the audience are still having a mundane perspective towards this industry.

We used to have this problem where we will see the same actor and actress playing the same type of movie script, but that is not the case anymore. We are now able to see a lot of talents coming out and showing what they can offer to the industry. Take the short film that I just listed above; you will be able to see different kinds of talents playing different kinds of roles in different kinds of genres.

"The creativity of Malaysian Tamil Film is low", "the quality of Malaysian Tamil Film is not high", "no story in Malaysian Tamil Film", to all of these answers please look at the short film above. I am sure that these are not the only short film that our young talent had created. There are more and the ones above are purely based on my opinion

As more and more movies start coming out, I am sure this perspective and criticism will change. Looking at the short films I listed above, I have the confidence that we might be able to see a better version of our Malaysia Tamil Film Industry in another 10 years. If you guys have other short films that you think deserve for people to watch, do comment on the video link in the comment section below. We would love to share good short films and talk about them. Thank you very much and let's hope to see a better version of our Malaysian Tamil Film Industry.