“Some people are real, some people are good, some people are fake and some people are really good at being fake”. That is the first quote I get when I googled “being fake”. It is 2018 and finding a genuine person is as precious as antimatter. “Is being fake really a bad thing?”, you could ask me and I would say the answer depends on the situation. For example, a girl giving a fake smile to a boy that admires her so that he will protect her when she is in trouble. Another example is by someone telling you that “you are my best friend” but you are nothing than just a stepping stone in their life. From both of the examples above, which one do you think is bad? I asked myself, why are there fake people in this world? The world would be a better place right if it is with genuity, honesty and all the positive vibes. When I get to know the answer, the real answer for my questions, it hits me hard in my face. Thus, this makes me share this article with you all.

Have you guys recalled the best period of your life? I asked many people including myself and the answer most of them said was “childhood”. That’s the only period of our life that we can be genuine and no one will question us. As we age, parents started to teach us on morality and how to be a good example to the society. I remember the first time I saw an incident where parents asking their children to fall on their grandparents’ feet as a symbol of blessing. After falling, the children immediately showed their hand, so that grandparents will give them money. I laughed when I first saw the incident because I felt that they are falling on the feet just for the sake of money. A question raised in my mind, how many of us really fall on our parents’ feet just for pure blessings? Everything we do in our life has a motive until being nice or genuine have become a crime in 2018. With all the rules in this competitive world, there is no room for genuine.

Everyone has at least encountered a fake person in their life. The world is a cruel place and some people need to put a mask to survive in it. I wonder why is that? Everyone is born equally but then why are their behaviours differ. The answer is the environment around us. Imagine you are brought up in a respected family, your parents have rules that you must follow. The rules such that the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you greet. Although it is frustrating, you must do it because society is watching you. It is so funny when you have to live your life as what the society says but that is what we are being taught since small right? Every single family have a base rule and most of the base rule is set by the society. If a child is true at home, they might be fake in the school where else if they are being true in the school, then they will be fake in the eyes of their parents at home. We have seen stories such that parents supporting their child in school claiming that their child is good while the teachers are putting a false claim on them. To all those parents, my question is how do you know your child is not guilty or are you scared that the society will look down upon your family for your child’s act?

Fake people are created by desires. The desire to have a child with all the good attitudes, the desire to show that their children are the best, the desire for only having everything best in life, the desire for society to look up to them. If only their desires are within their capability, maybe we could see more genuine people in the world. Again is being fake a bad thing? I would say yes. No matter how good your motive is for being fake, once a trust is broken you can never regain it. That is one thing that many people forget when they put a mask on their face. It is better to live a life being who you are than living a life replicating as someone else. As wise people say, you are the best in your own version. If you still think being fake can give you a great life, I would suggest you to look around your life because if you are being fake, at the end of the day you will not be remembered and no one will be around you.

Respect everyone and not only the people with higher power, give criticism to their face and not at their back, perform by actions and not by words, give an honest opinion and not a false praise, lend a hand and expect nothing in return, stay humble with your achievements and not boast around because at the end of the day society will still find flaws in you. So, accept your flaws and don’t try to cover it, because it is okay to have an ugly scar and not an ugly heart. Just keep in mind, at the end of the day, fake people don’t surprise anyone but loyal people do.

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